Frequently Asked Questions

The Collectors Club

  1. What is the minimum age for joining The Collectors Club?

    You must be 18 years or over to become a member of The Collectors Club. This ensures that all of the watches are fully covered by our insurance whilst in your care.

  2. Can I join if I am an overseas resident?

    We welcome members from all over the world to join The Collectors Club and become part of our watch enthusiast network. As our insurance only allows members to wear a watch whilst in the UK, we encourage all overseas members to ensure they book a watch in advance to be enjoyed whilst visiting the UK, to make full use of their membership.

  3. Will I still receive my membership reward if I do not utilise my full members Benefits?

    Yes; all members will receive their guaranteed membership reward at the completion of their twelve-month membership regardless of how much they have utilised their members’ benefits.

  4. How do I book a watch?

    To book a watch, members simply log in to the member’s online portal, select the watch they would like from The Collection, and select their desired date.

  5. How far in advance do I need to book a watch?

    We would always recommend booking watches as far in advance as possible, especially if you would like a particular watch for a special occasion. As The Collection is shared between members, there may be times when a watch is unavailable. We do our best to accommodate all bookings, however early booking is encouraged.

  6. Can anyone other than myself wear the watch?

    For insurance purposes, watches will be the sole responsibility of the named members whilst in their care.

  7. Can I wear the watch outside of the UK?

    If members would like to wear our watches under our insurance policy, the watch must only be worn within the UK.
    If members would like to wear the watch outside of the UK, they must arrange their own insurance to cover the full RRP of the watch for the period the watch is outside of the UK.

  8. How does insurance work?

    All named members are fully insured to wear any watch from The Collection as permitted within their membership tier.

  9. Do you offer corporate memberships?

    Yes, we are happy to offer membership to Corporate customers, who may want to use the membership Benefits as incentives for staff.

  10. Do you deliver and collect watches?

    Watches are delivered to the members nominated address by secure courier on the first day of their allocated time period, free of charge (must be a UK address). Along with the watch, members will also receive a prepaid special delivery envelope with instructions on how to safely package the watch on the last day of the allocated time period, for its return to The Collectors Club office.

  11. What happens if the watch breaks whilst in my care?

    On signing the contract, the member agrees to handle the watches with due care and diligence, complying with any instructions provided by The Collectors Club. If there appears to be a fault with the watch on receipt of the watch, or a fault develops whilst the watch is in the care of the member, or the member causes damage to the watch, we must be notified within 24hours and the watch returned to us in the prepaid envelope included. Our in house watch maker will assess the fault/damage to determine the its nature. Members will be fully liable for any damage to the watch if it is determined to be caused by the members’ negligence.

  12. Are there incentives to introduce new members to the club?

    Yes, we reward members who introduce new members to us.

  13. What do Time4Diamonds do with my membership deposit whilst I am a member?

    All membership deposits are securely held and used by the Time4Diamonds/ The Collectors Club trading division to buy and sell watches on the live watch trading market.

  14. Can I withdraw my membership deposit at any time?

    Yes, members can withdraw their full membership deposit at any time throughout their twelve-month membership term, with thirtydays’ written notice to The Collectors Club. Members will only receive their guaranteed membership reward on completion of the full twelve-month membership term.

  15. Can I upgrade/downgrade their membership tier at any time throughout my membership term?

    It is possible for members to upgrade their membership during their twelve-month membership term (subject to conditions). If members would like to upgrade tiers they must contact The Collectors Club to discuss further. Members are not permitted to downgrade their membership at any time during the 12 month membership term, but are free to downgrade their tier when their memberships are due for renewal.

  16. Is my membership reward guaranteed?

    Yes. Members rewards are guaranteed on full completion of the twelve-month membership term.