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The London based Time 4 diamonds has been operating for over 15 years, and in this time has witnessed Luxury Watches become a great long term profitable asset. Annual rises in the value of watches of certain brands often exceeds that of many other private investable assets in proportional terms, which has increasingly highlighted this product as a primary purchase for collectors and investors alike.

We are often asked by our customers for advice on which purchases will be both the safest, ensuring value is not lost on the purchase price, and also the most profitable, offering the largest potential increase in value over time.

The Rolex brand has been voted number 2 for the most trusted global brand, and have a history dating back to 1905.

Source Forbes

If Rolex collapsed as a brand, their watches would increase in value due to discontinuation.

Rolex watches have survived 9 recessions in the UK alone, this is due to the fact that investors turn to safe tangible, asset backed commodities such as “Gold”.

Brexit does not affect the value of solid tangible investment grade watches, this is because Rolex watches are their own currency and can be traded worldwide.

The average yearly return on Rolex watches is 14.90% since 2005, totalling 193.7% overall.

Our investors who prefer a fixed income, receive 9.84% per year, which is paid monthly at a rate of 0.82%.

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Our multi-asset investment approach is aimed at what matters:helping you reach your desired outcomes.Portfolio management is the heart of what we do.

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